Monday, March 05, 2007

The face of evil in America

I mean, just look into that face, if you can stomach it.

Ann Coulter is as crazy and as evil as a rabid shit-house rat.

Here recent attack on presidential candidate John Edwards by calling him a "faggot" just goes to show how completely unbalanced she is.

Must be her latent frustration that a good-looking, intelligent and successful man with a loving wife and children wouldn't be interested in her loathsome candy basket (shudder).

She keeps claiming to be engaged and then breaking up with her beaus. I'm guessing once they glimpse the demon succubus splitting her open to devour their immortal souls, they put their pants back on and beat a hasty retreat - ring or no ring.

Ladies and gentlemen, the far-right's Kuntzervative Kutie is a f*cking psychopath. She is an ugly, mean and vile waste of skin. How anyone - even the most self-deluded evangelical right-wingnut - can possibly call this woman attractive is beyond me. She is ugly, ugly, ugly - to her very core.

The Kuntzervative Brittany, she is being called. Let's hope so. Let's hope she shaves her head, pulls a public meltdown (although, with her track record, it'd be hard to tell the difference) and gets locked away somewhere.