Friday, July 25, 2008

Photo Friday

Kudos to brother-in-law Terrence for sharing these two gems:

Me with Ann - the greatest Mother-in-law in the universe

Boris - the greatest dog in the entire universe.
He's gone - but definitely not forgotten.

Love you, buddy.

Feel Good Friday

Last year, I was introduced to Kiva - an organization that makes it possible for individuals from around the world to loan money to the working poor to help alleviate poverty.

The lovely lady you see here is Halimah Nantembo. She runs a small snack shop/canteen at a local school in UGanda.

Halimah needed $600 to restock her business in order to drive greater revenue - revenue which she wants to use to improve the family home and to send her daughter and other family children to school.

So - 22 of us each gave a little to help her reach her goal. We received occasional updates, each time she made a loan payment.

And I'm tickled to say that less than a year later, Halimah's business is doing well enough that she was able to make her final payment and pay off her loan.

The e-mail I received promised an update on Halimah and her business within the next few days - and I am genuinely excited to hear how she is doing!

It seems such a small thing to do to - I mean, divide 22 people by $600 and you'll quickly figure out that none of us went all Rockefeller on this. But to know that something so simple and easy to do is helping someone else - multiple someones, in fact - feels really good.

My original investment plus a few cents of interest will be disbursed in a couple weeks. And I can't wait to reinvest it to help someone else achieve their goal.

And I may go a bit more Rockefeller this time. :)

Check out Kiva - it's a cool way to help change a life.

Happy, happy, happy Friday!! I know mine is.