Friday, August 29, 2008

Since you asked (well, some of you)...

I HATE telling people what I'd like for my birthday. I cling to the old notion that if you know me and love me - you'll know what's perfect. And if it sucks, I'll never tell you and I'll act like you gave me the Hope Diamond. And then it goes on eBay.

But that's never happened. So don't worry.

If you are absolutely, positively convinced that you need a hint - however, subtle - as to what I would like in recognition of my 45th year on this lovely planet. here you go...

Here's my wish list.

On a happier note...

As I mentioned in my earlier post about donating through Kiva, my original investment has been repaid and I now have the chance to apply it to help someone else achieve their goal in an emerging country.

So, I chose to invest in the efforts of this lovely lady - Vicky Ramadhani of Arusha, Tanzania. She's a wife and mother of two young children with a clothing sales business. She earns about $250 US a month and would like to raise money to help her grow her business and purchase more stock.

How much does she need? $350. Can you imagine making any significant impact on YOUR business and your family's livelihood for that much?

In our lives as Americans, we so often deal in numbers that have too many zeros behind them. I'd need six months of Vicky's earnings just to pay one month of my mortgage payment - her monthly income is my monthly utility payment.

It's a no brainer, really.

We who have so much + people who don't but can prosper with a little investment = a totally cool thing where everyone benefits.

I just feel like I wish I'd discovered this sooner. Because it really feels good.

Check it out - you know you want to...

Drives me batsh*t!!!

As anyone who knows me will tell you -I am a rabid hot mess about good manners. I am simply aghast at the shocking lack of good manners and civility in today's world.

Which may be why this particular behavior drives me over the flinking edge.

Why - with the whole damned street to park on - must you park where you are blocking my front walk?

I want to stand on my porch and scream and fling monkey poo at these people.

And it's not just me - I live in an older neighborhood - largely 1910-1930s houses with some early '50s thrown in for good measure. Many of these houses have similar or even more severely restricted walkways.

Take our neighbors' front walk and steps for example. You park too close to the curb in the winter blocking this walkway and you effectively cut off access to the house

And people frequently do.

In fact, when you see our walks blocked in this neighborhood, it's generally not the vehicle of someone who is even visiting that home. It's generally the house next door or down the street.

Regardless, it makes me NUTS.

Okay, maybe I'm just starting down the road to being one of those old farts who stands on the porch and yells at "those damned kids" to stay off my grass. But I can't help it.

Given - it's not winter and I'm not a frail, tottering elder who can't walk around - yet. But we have an elderly friend that we've had here many times from her assisted living facility - and let me tell you, she'd kill herself getting off the walk and around the car.

She'd end up under it or in it.

Grrr. It's just so rude.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quote of the Day

Via Queerty:

Legendary singer, entertainer and gay fave Cher is possibly thinking about maybe playing Catwoman in the next Batman movie. That, we think, would not be the best decision.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I have seen the future

During an epic barbecue over the weekend with the gays, my bff AerialPJ and I were exposed to this YouTube episode of Marilyn and Royce - essentially a peek into our very future.

As another friend said when I shared with her this morning, "I can only hope to be that angry when I get to be that old. Otherwise, what's the point?"

And I love the hat. Luckily, AerialPJ said I can be Royce. Loves me some fur hat.

God on a wheel!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New garden photos

For people who care about such things. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is the most gratifying and hysterical thing I've seen in years.

I won!

One of my favorite morning reads is when Melissa or one of her other fabulous contributors over at Shakesville puts out a "Caption this photo" post.

This brilliant community always comes up with the smartest and best captions - usually highly insightful and frequently hysterical.

I always try to contribute, but someone always comes up with THAT caption that you wish - oh how you wish - you had thought of.

But today - ChlorineX pulled it off with a crowd favorite. And here it is:

Hermione swooned, eyes rolling and knees buckling as the Dementer inhaled her life force.
(spelling corrected from original post - it was cocktail time)


Courtesy of

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Font Conference

Many thanks to high school buddy Stuart for sharing this with me - thanks to him, there is a group of individuals employed by a certain Big Blue corporation who now randomly instant message each other "Mailbox! Mailbox! Mailbox!" - to gut-wrenching hilarity every time.

Watch and find out why. Thanks, Stu - you still rock.