Friday, September 26, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday month wrap up!!

Hello, all. It feels like it's been months since I did anything with this blog. What with it being my birthday month and all, it feels like we've been on a long, decadent party-boat cruise.

First, I want to give a big shout out to all the friends and family for another rockin' birthday this year. B started me on my new Mario Batali cookware line with a new 6-quart Dutch Oven. My fab sister-in-law Darlene and hubby Ken helped expand my Krazy Kat library (love you both!), and my folks gave me an Amazon gift certificate, enabling me to get anything I wanted.

B took me to a fabulous dinner on the day and the following Sunday, L&D joined us for a trip to Woodstock, a fabulous birthday brunch at Oriole 9 where dreamy owner Luc (pictured right with his lovely wife) gifted me a bottle of the most amazing French rose. Then I rather tipsily purchased new clothes I really don't need at Changes next door and we then proceeded to Clouds - a glass and pottery gallery that already has way too much of my money.

It was a glorious late summer day - not too warm, blue skies, sunny and breezy. We returned to our house and lazed on the porch, where we were joined by AerialPJ - enjoyed adult beverages, laughed and laughed and laughed...and eventually, instead of a traditional birthday cake, we feasted on L's unbelievably tasty individual fresh fruit tartlets (she truly is the best baker I've ever encountered). What a day!!

You simply can't overestimate the value of having great friends surrounding you - that's what makes the celebration special. The gifts are always nice - you appreciate the thought and creativity behind them - but it's the friendship that counts.

However - this year, I feel compelled to mention a few gifts, specifically for their notable nature:

  • Most addictive: Mon BFF, AerialPJ, gifted me not only the DVD of Torch Song Trilogy (there is SO much to love in that film), but he also bought me the first book in the Twilight series. I devoured the first book in two sittings. I am now partway through book 3 - having used my gift certificate to buy the 2nd and 3rd books! I am well and truly hooked. (and I don't care if it IS Young Adult Fiction - it's cool.)

  • Most creative: I have a Converse t-shirt that I love. It's clever, it's quirky, and people either get the joke or they don't. The shirt is red and features a number "1" on the left breast and a star on the back (as part of Converse's "one-star" line - doh) that are made to LOOK like they were done with masking tape.

    And I don't know about anyone else, but it made me nostalgic because I am sure there was at least one time in my childhood when I "customized" a shirt with tape.

    Well, L, of L&D and AerialPJ think this shirt makes me appear ready to join a Special brand of Olympics, if you know what I mean.

    So - L&D got creative and crafted me a new t-shirt for my birthday - with REAL masking tape - that had my initials on the front and my age - 45 - on the back. It was hilarious!

  • Most amazing and unexpected: What many people don't know about me anymore is that I originally wanted to be a cartoonist. I've always fancied myself quite good and used to practice my craft regularly with my friends and co-workers. Chronicling our juvenile delinquent lives as teens and pre-teens, and mocking the workplace and my employer in later years.

    In fact, there are probably full-page cartoons cataloguing my years at the now defunct St. Louis-based Sverdrup Civil Engineering company - where I began my meteoric career - still circling the planet thru the ether, and ringing to outmoded, unanswered fax lines in forgotten, dusty closets. At one point, my Dilbert-esque chronicles of life at a soulless corporation were being faxed far and wide - to a point where I truly feared for my job because I had so lost control of them. With titles like "Hell is in Missouri," do you blame me?

    Well, I haven't lifted a cartooning pen or pencil in many years, so you can imagine my surprise when a large envelope arrived just before this last natal anniversary. It was from
    my best friend from my early teenage years, Stuart. Stuart had warned me to expect something provocative and unexpected from those faraway times - I just had no idea what it might be.

    Contained within the envelope was an assortment of drawings entitled "Convicts: from the Stuart ____ private collection of ______ prints." Not copies- mind you - but the original drawings. From nearly thirty years ago. (and yes, Stuart has a life, a real job, a lovely wife and two great children - he does not live in a dark basement reliving our glory days at band camp and monkishly preserving our handiwork from that time. That would be sad. He's not sad.)

    The dozen or so pages contained within chronicle the life and misadventures of three teenage boys sentenced to prison for a variety of crimes. Stu for behavior unfit for society, our friend Steve under false pretenses resulting in a nervous breakdown and a Messiah complex, and myself for - what else? - drawing dirty pictures.

    From totally non-PC Jesus jokes to a running gag about Stuart and pate' - it's an amazing glimpse back to what those wonderful, carefree times were like, what weird and twisted senses of humor we had, and to see how we've changed over time.

    Stuart - you amazed me. I was so dumbstruck by those drawings that I could only look at them for brief periods at a time - not believing what I was seeing. And, in all honesty, trying to recall even creating them in the first place (and I have a great memory).

    From the outrageous stereotypes depicted (ouch!) and the sad-ass jokes and puns, to the memory of Steve being the first boy - the first love - to ever break my heart in real life, it was an amazing emotional roller coaster ride to flip through those surprisingly intact drawings. (where do your parents store your stuff - the Vatican? Jeez.)
Anyway - thank you , Stuart, for giving me a piece of my childhood to marvel at, cringe a bit from - and learn from.

And to all my beloved friends and family - thank you for being with me and loving me and making every day - not just special days - so damned wonderful.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Any doubts?

I love the ongoing confusion about why Sarah Palin was selected as McMeanie's running mate.


Given the baggage that McSame and his former GOP presidential opponents each carried, she's a wingnuts wunderkind. An anti-choice, anti-gay, abstinence-only Christian who holds the keys to - (insert angelic chorus here) - what else?

"Come on in. The drillin's fine!"
(and don't mind the wildlife - there's plenty to go around.)

You know the fundies and wingers are soiling themselves hourly with glee.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oh, look - more self-loathing!

The Log Cabin Republicans have officially endorsed John McCain. And they LOVE Sarah Palin.

What's next? Jews for Hitler?

Good God.

When are the LCRs going to figure out that they are nothing to the GOP but the one night stand who never gets that promised phone call the next day?

They want your votes, of course. But after that, it's a "I had a great time" note, cab fare on the nightstand and the long ride home with your torn undies in your pocket.