Saturday, March 28, 2009

Overheard at the grocery store

Bagger (Male): "So, I'm thinking that when we're ready to engage, I get her a ring, right?"

Cashier (female): "Yeah - that's usually how it works"

Bagger: "So then I'm thinking, when we get married, we can sell the engagement ring since she's going to be getting a wedding ring to replace it."

Cashier: "uh-huh."

Bagger: "Cause you don't need more than one ring, right?"

Cashier: "Have you discussed this with your girlfriend?"

Bagger: "No - I figure we'll talk about that when I make the proposal."

Cashier: "Yeah - good luck with that."

Overdue update #2: Puppy Madness

At the one month mark, we’re still on the puppy integration and normalization ramp. We’re seeing successes but still dealing with a drastic change in lifestyle and bad choices every once in a while.

Eddie (above, right) and Patsy (left) provide both a visual and experiential ying-yang component to our lives. Eddie represent the light, white side - providing love, few behavioral issues, and a calm energy. Patsy, however, is the opposite. She has a homing beacon in her head, apparently, that directs her to the most trouble she can get in - every waking hour.

As a result, B now swears that our back yard resembles a prison camp. We’ve had to fence parts of the garden to keep new, sprouting plants from being trampled to death by our ninja-kamikaze death puppies, rolling down the hill with jaws locked around each others throats.

(The green in the background used to be edging around the dahlia garden. Now it's just a tragic plastic mess.)

We’ve also had to fence off the in-ground fountain B is trying to build because bricks keep mysteriously disappearing into the depths (as ninja puppies romp nearby).

Security has become a key concern and our external fencing has been fortified in numerous places. Ninja puppy Patsy is a stealth escape artist who can identify and exploit a gap in or under the fencing and be out happily trotting in the neighbor’s yard across the street before you can say nunchucks.

The cable to our TV in the bedroom has been compromised in numerous spots, bits of the wool rug pad under our living room carpet can now be seen rolling around the house in tumbleweed tufts, and the dining room rug has been perpetually damp for the last three weeks due to constant application of the rug steamer/cleaner.

But other than that, things are grand. It’s hard to be angry when you see scenes like this.

Crashing on the sun porch.

Snuggling with daddy

Well, we're in it for the long haul. Each day is an improvement. I've even gotten over the embarrassment of being out in the yard clapping and yelling supportive things when Patsy eliminates.

Time to go. It's much too quiet downstairs. That means one of two things: either the ninja pups are passed out from sheer exhaustion or ... god help me...I just don't want to know.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Overdue update #1: The kitchen is done!

We ran across this great print that goes so well with my Mario Batali "Pesto" cookware - and it gives that great 'pop' of color with the wall tones and the stainless steel. We solved the ugly plate covering the old stove pipe hole by procuring a couple of old French copper sieves (thank you, eBay!). A pierced ladle/strainer is on the way from Texas right now to balance out the copper composition. The actual stove pipe hole is behind the top left strainer.

We replaced the door moldings with some wood we had in the garage, left over from the dining room remodel. Some paint and a few finishing nails and voila! And now I can display some of my platters from Italy and rescue them from the dark despair of being stacked in a sideboard.

It isn't perfect - and it's certainly not the gut and remodel I eventually want. But for now, especially since this year's bonus is going into a new roof, it'll do. It'll do.

YAY! New Pet Shop Boys CD!!!

Sample it for yourselves!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My favorite movie... finally available on DVD

And the soundtrack is beautiful! Enjoy!

Add Video

Because I love her

She is a goddess (and I had no idea this song was associated with such a silly film)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

New. Love.

Be sure to check out "Picture is unrelated" blog (slogan: "Look. I found you some crazy!") for some mind bending photographs with no logical intersection.

Here's a sample:

Okay - I get the bra, the cucumbers and the loaves of bread. What's with the Cheesehead hats?

What in gay Hell?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Signs of Spring!

The Hyacinths are breaking ground!

The Coral Bells never lost their color

The butter yellow Crocus awakes

The brighter crocus pops!

YAY! It's Spring!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Puppy uppa-date

It's mostly good news from puppy central. Minus one paintbrush, a cashmere lined LL Bean leather glove, a holiday CD and my favorite baseball cap...oh, puppies just love to chew.

But we're re-learning. Some faster than others. ("Did you leave this on the dishwasher!?! You KNOW she can get up there!!!")

As de facto pack leader (since I was the only one home for the first few days and it was my responsibility to start laying down the law), Patsy and Eddy stay pretty close when they're in the house.

When they're outside, well, forget it - they're gone and destroying the lower yard in nothing flat.

What a face, right? She wasn't being reprimanded, she's just trying to work me for a doggy treat with those killer eyes.

We get very tired waiting for our doggy treats - especially when they are being withheld for a time to allow the impact to sink in of digging up Daddy's irises.

But with play must come rest. Devils become angels and Patsy crashes next to Sophie's cushion, showing deference to the grande dame.

However, Eddy thinks Dutch's bony butt makes a great pillow after a hard day's wrestling with her sister.