Sunday, June 27, 2010

Snapshots from life

My kitchen - again.  It's a massively hot and humid day outside - we're wilting from the heat and finding things to do indoors until the sun starts to go down.

Sunday, 3:45 pm

Me (walking in and observing that Brian is wiping off the top of the stove - actual range pictured):  Wow - thanks for wiping that down.  You know, I usually hit it (the black glass top) with the vacuum first to get the dust and food off.

Brian:  Oh - I'd never do that.  What about the fire?

Me: Um - fire?

Brian:  You know - the fire (pointing) - in the metal box.

Me:  You mean a pilot light?

Brian:  Yeah - that.  If I blow that out - there's gas.  We'll die.

Me:  It's an electric start.

Brian:  No fire.  In the metal box?

Me:  Am I in the road company of 'Nell"?  No - there is no pilot light - look!  (demonstrate electric starter)

Brian:  I'm going outside.

Philip:  sigh - please do.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snapshots from life

My kitchen

Tuesday, 5:03 pm

Me (walking in):  Hey, honey - whatch'a doing with the Moosewood Cookbook?

Brian:  Trying to find a chicken salad recipe- we have all that grilled  chicken and I thought we could do something with it.

Me:  Okay - you realize you're looking in a vegetarian cookbook, right?

Brian:  (Shoots me the 'F You' look - then leaps to defense) No!  Hey!  Why the hell do you have a vegetarian cookbook anyway?  We're not vegetarians.

Me:  No - but some of our friends and guests are.

Brian: Okay - well.  I didn't think it was vegetarian.  I thought it was all desserts - you know?

Me:  And you thought it was all desserts and were still looking for a chicken salad recipe.......really...

Brian (glaring) I hate you.  (storms out)

And... scene.