Sunday, November 28, 2010

It just keeps getting better

Based on a poll by readers, the hometown newspaper - the Kingston Daily Freeman - has picked Brian and Liz's flower shop as one of the top two Kingston florists.

On top of that, the days leading up to and through the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend were totally 'ka-ching' for arrangements and walk-in traffic - generating an unbelievable tally for their fledgling business.

Check out some of the design work going out with these two.

I'm so proud of hubby and his partner - and so pleased that their hard work is being recognized.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Put your fetus in a jar - clap your hands - happy fetus time!

Okay - was everyone as grossed out as I was by the revelation that the America's most retarded President was emotionally scarred by being shown his miscarried sister's fetus in a jar by his mother?


But I have to say - it's brought out some of the most creative - and funniest - comments I've ever read.

A sampling:

"This was considered fun at the Bush house?!? Rainy day craft time? We have some miscarried fetuses lying around, let's glue and glitter them and put them in jars with colored sand time?"

"I'm channeling Martha Stewart now:
1. Add some glitter flakes, God's little snow globe.
2. Add a sprig of fresh Rosemary so that it doesn't smell like baby mummy meat.
3. Name him "Mason" set a place for him at the Thanksgiving table with a festive place card.
4. Make him into a lava lamp.

"She should stick a little bit of pimento in the fetus' belly button and name her "Olive" Wait, was it a girl or a boy?"

"Has anyone made the "no child left behind" joke yet?"

"It puts the fetus in the jar or it gets the hose!"

Imagine the poor dweeb who prank called their house and asked, "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?" "Well, something like that, we do"

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Thanksgiving wish and a limerick

First - to all of my US of A blogging brothers and sisters:

And to the vindictive, crazy woman who continues to keep us in stitches, a little limerick:
There once was a crazy old florist,
Who thought SHE was Queen of the forest.
Her tricks she would play,
Until finally one day.
She found herself one of the poorest.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogging friends.

And for the other?

Suck it, crazy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Local celebrities

As their local star continues to rise, hubby Brian and his business partner Liz were recently asked to interview on our local radio station's Sunday 'Garden Show'.

Not knowing what to expect, they anticipated being on air for about 15 minutes.  Instead, they ended up having an enormous amount of fun with the host and they talked for the whole hour.

Despite nose-diving microphones and not knowing what to expect, the end result was charming and a lot of fun for all involved. (Even our friend Victoria's advertisement mentioned toad lilies, surprisingly!)

If you have the time, listen in and join in the fun!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Update on the 'suspect bride'

In a wonderful turn of events, the "suspect bride" that called about the time our crazy and evil "friend" started attacking Brian and Liz's new shop on-line turned out to be a real bride.

She had consulted with the previous owners who are physically located an hour+ away - but still representing themselves as being local and at this same location.

So - in came the bride - she was thrilled with the new owners and their proposal - and two Sundays ago, we delivered her wedding flowers to the Rhinecliff Hotel.  (and then the four of us went out and had a lovely brunch, cocktails at Terrapin in Rhinebeck and then enjoyed an informative drive through Northern Dutchess County.)

She and her husband came in the following week to thank Liz and Brian - they were over the moon with what they received.

So - it wasn't a set-up, as we had first expected.

And to make everything even MORE BETTER, another bride came in this week - nearly in tears - having been literally SCREECHED at by evil and crazy - and plans to have Liz and Brian do her wedding instead.

It just shows to go ya - taking the higher road and avoiding negativity (not to mention not starting out bat-shit in the first place) and focusing on what the customer wants sure pays off.

Life in the eye of the tornado

Well, it's certainly been an interesting few weeks. 

We had a great Halloween - lots of fun with the neighborhood kids and their families.  It's always refreshing to remember that we live among such nice, friendly people.

At just a couple days past one month of being officially open, Brian and Liz's shop is going gangbusters.  It's the buzz of the town and everyone (with a notable exception) has been so positive and supportive.

And even 'she' - the exception and vicious crazy person - is nothing more than an annoyance at this point.  So - we discount her pointless and increasingly pathetic existence and move on.

Tougher has been the adjustment to our home life.  Life is good, business is great and we're both happy and extraordinarily busy - but damn - someone needs to clean and do the laundry.

So - even as I type this - the first housekeeper we've hired since leaving California in 2000 is downstairs cleaning away.  Thank God.  I was afraid to drop anything for fear of it disappearing under a passing tumbleweed of dog fur.

But life is good - just a little bit fraught as we re-adjust to our new circumstances.

Hope all's well in your worlds - be good to each other and keep in touch!