Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anyone still here?

My friends - I've missed you.  It's not that I haven't wanted to catch you up - I simply haven't had the time.

You see, I've been a little busy working to get the word out about a certain quiz show contestant.  Like, since last October, I've been busy on this.  You may have seen him on TV recently.

Anyway, now that he's the undisputed grand champion of all time, I have a few minutes to catch my breath and bob up to say hello (before again submerging into our upcoming 100th anniversary in June - oy - it never stops).

Honestly, this Watson guy is truly amazing.  There are lots of great videos and information about him here, if you care to look past the loopy predictions that he's the Terminator's Great Granddaddy or that his one of his progeny will be an astronaut called HAL.  He's got a great future ahead.

And, of course, the first show of the three-day match aired on - you guessed it - Valentine's Day! Fortunately, I saw the taping in January, so I didn't miss anything - because I was delivering >ta-da!<  flowers!

As you might imagine, Valentine's Day is huge when you have a florist business in the family.  Especially when it's your very first - it really sets the tone of how your business is going to do.

It's madness - everyone waits until the last minute to order, you run the risk of not having enough flowers, having too many flowers, not having enough delivery people or's endless and crazy and exhausting and wet and dirty.

But we rocked it.  People pre-ordered like crazy - we actually had time to bang out as much as we could in advance of the actual day.  Two huge coolers worth!

We did as much strategic pre-advertising as we could and came up with some crazy new ideas.  How about this - "Are you Mild or Are You Wild?  In addition to your traditional roses and baby's breath, how about this HOT arrangement with a "re-usable" feather boa?

We had to stop taking orders because we ran out of the dozens of boas we had purchased.

We must have some mighty adventurous folk in this here town.  I mean, we know the drag queens and it wasn't them.

We had three delivery people running all day - brought in an extra designer that Brian had worked with before - and from Friday thru Monday - V Day - people were standing in line.  We got a last minute order for 20 restaurant centerpieces for dinner - at 2:30 pm.  It was NUTS.

Brian was there at 5 am on V Day - we finally got home at 9:30 that night.

And on Tuesday - the day after...dozens of phone calls and e-mails from people who loved their flowers just contacting them to say so and to say thanks.

Not one missed delivery.  Not one complaint.

And on that same Tuesday, a local restaurant owner walked in with a four figure wedding flower order for the following Sunday.  He bought out all the remaining roses, and everything needed to create an outdoor gazebo wedding for his impromptu nuptials.

They actually had to  order flowers the day after Valentine's Day - cleaned out - zoop! - just like that.

I think there's an Irish saying about something like falling in manure and coming up with clover.  That's Brian and Liz.

I need to find that.

I digress.  So - on a balmy, breezy 26-28 degree day (F, not C, for our non US readers.  Please note the snow and frozen river) last Sunday on the waterfront, we decked out a gazebo - in the staggering effect!

The bride emerged from the salon she owns just across the street and followed a rose petal path across the street and the plaza, leading up to a gazebo adorned in green leaves, wreaths and planters of baby's breath, and silver ribbon shimmering in the wind - where the couple would exchange vows.

We were able to adjourn to a nearby pub to warm up with adult beverages while the nuptials took place.  We then returned to disassemble the decor - and then back to the pub for dinner and more warming beverages.

It's been an amazing February - so much work but so much fun.  And so much reward!

I hope all is well with you and hope to get back on the blogging train!!

Cheers - and remember - Spring is just around the corner!