Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're official!!!!!!!!

We were the fifth couple today to apply for a marriage license in our town and we had the delightful experience of seeing another male couple being married on the steps of City Hall as we entered.

Our wonderful friends and chosen family, Galen and Liz, were with us for the historic moment.

The magic all happens on September 3 - the weekend of our 20th anniversary of being together.

Best wishes and love to all New Yorkers whose dreams are finally coming true!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wedding realness

Not to mention all the coworkers whose weddings we were not invited to - suddenly sniffing around for an invite. 


You are making Baby Jesus cry.  Stop that.

Bells are ringing - for me and my guy!

I realize it's been a while since I posted, but things have been very exciting round these parts.

On June 24, New York passed marriage equality in a late night, end of term session.

The buzz has been amazing and the response from friends and family has been nothing short of incredible.  The day after this took place, I walked into a shop where Brian had worked previously and was greeted with shouts of congratulations, handshakes and hugs.

Business calls with close associates begin with questions about wedding plans.  My Facebook page was swamped with wonderful posts from friends all over the world.

And yes - we're finally getting married.  Our 20 year engagement will be brought to a hard fought but wonderful close over the US Labor Day weekend.

We'll be in line for our marriage license when the Town Clerk's doors open on the morning of Monday, July 25.

The minister has been chosen.

Our dear friends here in town have offered us their historic home and garden as a venue.

A truly wonderful friend has offered to cater the event as our wedding gift from her.

Nearly all of our closest friends from everywhere we've ever lived have indicated they are coming.

We both sometimes just stop and wonder at the absolute joy and generosity we're getting from this wonderful circle of friends and family.  And we've been so wonderfully overwhelmed to the point of crying about it at times.

We'll be combining our last names.  That's decided already.

We're on our way.  Now...just cake, vows, chairs, tablecloths, dishware and flatware, favors - what do we wear?  Who's staying where?  OMG.

Yeah.  It's exactly what it looks like on TV.

I swear I will NOT become Groomzilla.  

Wish us well, kids.

(and thank God we're part owners in a flower shop - it's one thing I won't have to think about)