Sunday, August 28, 2011

The disaster is unimaginable!

Death came by today in the form of a hurricane and took our darling brugmansia:


And then death came

 It's been a very Bergmanesque day.

Friday, August 26, 2011

I had an Aunt Irene once...

..and she was a total ball-buster.

Let's hope this one isn't like that.

The hardest part of today was trying to look cool and "I am so not shopping for hurricane supplies" at Target today, when everyone was OBVIOUSLY hurricane shopping.

You can only be so blase about 36 taper candles and 400 tealights atop your two 24 packs of bottled water as you peruse the cracker selection.

Fortunately, we're an hour and a half inland  and are only under a tropical storm watch.

This is still gonna totally suck.

(hunkering down)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Proper wedding attire

This online discussion took place yesterday between my local BFF and me:

BFF:  and as for attire...suggestions... thing that must not be worn? Lol

Me: summer casual - slacks, no jeans - no ties

BFF: perfect... I'll be lovely

Me: of course you will!

BFF: I have my fave wedding pants to wear

Me: just don't outshine me.   it's my day

BFF: oh... right...

Me: ha

BFF: I'll not do my hair - and get a zit

Me: rofl

BFF: that's how much I love you

Me: aww

BFF: I will start spreading butter on my face now

Me: <==cracking up

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunroom Redux

As our wedding day approaches and we prepare for the influx of family and friends, naturally we've decided to make our lives even more stressful by tarting up the old ranch a bit.

Honestly, it's been a great motivator to finish up those "oh - I'll get to it" type projects that never seem to creep forward.

The latest was the final transformation of our sunroom from unfinished pit with sagging ceilings and exposed insulation to a lush and lovely room where morning coffee is enjoyed amidst chirping birds and where the dogs can now destroy yet another piece of furniture in their quest to frighten away any marauding squirrels.

So - over the past few weeks, we've gone from this:

to this...

A classic antique settee gets an update with patterned cushions and a graphic rug.  Contemporary leather swivel club chairs make the most of the compact space. (The art deco buffet is soon to leave, opening the room up even more)

The room's southwestern exposure ensures lots of light for plants in the winter time, but in the summer an oak Victorian reading table hosts a reproduction radio/turntable/CD player and a vintage cinnabar lamp.  We framed a Motawi Craftsman tile in an oak period frame to make a key hanger inside the back door.
A 'found' Hoosier cabinet and wall-mounted hat and coat rack round out the room, providing storage and utility.  Finally!  A place for all my cookbooks!