Saturday, March 03, 2012

In memoriam

In loving memory of my brother-in-law, Robert Cacciola. 3/3/2012

Culinary Institute graduate, former executive chef at Bon Appetit - and the most daunting kind of relation ever if you fancy yourself a good cook. But as my husband's brother Terrence - who loved and lived with and for Robert for so many years always told me - "my house ain't a restaurant."

But most importantly, Robert and Terrence were together when he passed. At home, as Robert desired. Years of love will not vanish nor fade.
Robert always had a smile on - you never saw him down.  And whatever he was doing with food seemed absolutely effortless.
Robert was a natural at what he loved.  And he loved life.  I saw that in his demeanor and in the life he gave my brother-in-law Terrence.
Check out this video - it's Robert at his best:

Peace to you, Robert. 
All my love and best wishes as you embark on your next journey.


Bob said...

Sorry for your loss.
He sounds like a gem

Tiger Chanter said...

Hon, I am so sorry for your loss. Keeping you and yours in my heart and thoughts... ((HUGS))

Peter said...

Sorry to hear about your loss, but most of all Terence's.