Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This would be so much easier on Facebook

But what the hell.

I spent 9 days in Nebraska helping my mother sort through all of my father and brother's things and helped her get ready for a massive yard sale - something she's never done in her 71 years of existence.  As a somewhat prim lady, she was extremely dubious about mingling with people she didn't know who might be handling our stuff.  And of course, I was extremely too radical for her.

Mom:  "What's this 'free bin'?"

Me:  "That's where people pick up and take home crap that is broken or doesn't work or just plain awful and you don't have to throw it out.  It's also a fun way to shame people publicly who are rude or cheap - you say 'obviously, our items are too refined for your tastes - let me direct you to the free bin'."

Mom:  "That's just mean."

Me:  "Did you forget who you were talking to?"

Thanks to my iPhone, I chronicled the time there on Facebook.  It ended up being a lot of fun with Mom finally achieving a great, relaxed place and banking a little cash.

To be continued....

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