Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Something very different

So - last night we're watching The Two Fat Ladies on DVD (as we are wont to do) and our dog Eddie kept walking up to the edge of the darkened dining room and staring intently at something.

She wouldn't go in, but she was utterly fascinated and seemed quite concerned.

We snapped about a dozen photos on Brian's iPhone and found three of them quite interesting.

See what you think.

We're having the guest room re-sheetrocked  as I type this. So, we had to do some pretty hefty deconstruction over the weekend.  Perhaps we disturbed someone.

Not like this is the first time something like this has happened here.

Recently, Brian found one of his past tax returns inside one of the bedroom walls when renovating.  It's the first time we'd ever opened the walls upstairs. There are no openings or gaps at the bottom where those could have worked their way up in.

In the pantry area of my kitchen, I have a three shelf pine potato bin type of thing. I keep my potatoes and onions in there - and use the top compartment for small cook books. So it generally weighs at least - oh - maybe 50 pounds. One afternoon last year, we went into the kitchen to find it had been moved out towards the center of the pantry area - about a foot from the wall.  And it had been moved up onto a rug.

No one else was around.

And a couple months ago, I re-glued some trim on an antique mirror which Brian then weighted down with a book. The mirror was lying flat on our bed and the trim piece was very thin. When we returned to the room a few minutes later, the book was moved about a foot away from the mirror and was lying upside down on the bed.

I also get a lot of peripheral motion activity in the kitchen, specifically near the windows. I always 'just miss' seeing things - but there's never anyone actually passing by.

The good news is that nothing feels wrong or bad. We're very comfortable with this kind of stuff.

Got any good ghost stories of your own to share?