Friday, August 16, 2013


Scene:  Uptown - about 5 pm-ish

Local art center co-owner (to us):     "You should come by at 6.  We have a performance artist doing an interpretation on the burning of Joan of Arc."

Spouse: "um............... what time?"

Local art center co-owner:    "6 pm - you'll come, right?"

(Local art center co-owner then dashes into nearby  intersection to attempt to recruit unfortunates who have worked at their title companies too late and the homeless)

Me:  "I'd rather hurl myself into traffic."

Scene: Home - 6:15 pm.  Cocktail Hour is in full swing

Smartphone rings: "Film Noir Tone"

Me:  (Checks phone)

Spouse:  "Stopped in for a minute... It was fucking stupid."

Me:  "Of course it was, you spaz."

Spouse:  "Dick."

Me: "I didn't see it , did I?  Loser"

Marriage is wonderful.  Support marriage equality.

Performance art is generally very bad.  Do not support performance art.


Murr Brewster said...

Good point, but I don't know how you could pass up a performance artist setting herself on fire. Mmm. Smells like pork.

truthspew said...

Well it all depends. One performance art thing I saw - cute black guy completely naked, huge cock and really cute ass. A little hard hearing what he had to say.