Friday, August 09, 2013

Went there. Not proud.

I had a hollow victory today.

During a week of attempting to reach a Brand Name Storm Door company customer service person by telephone to order a replacement rolling screen, I was thwarted each time by a recording that apologized that my call could not be taken due to unusually high customer volume and then hung up on.

Calling the Brand Name Storm Door parent company's central service line, I was summarily ported over to the storm door division line and again dumped.

By email, I was able to ascertain the correct door model number and part number, but was unable to order on line.  I was then sent to a variety of other telephone numbers that all resolved at the same goddamned line that hangs up on you.

Yesterday - I blew.

After yet another failed attempt to reach the much vaunted and mysterious storm door division, I wrote an email back, explaining that I wanted a representative to call me within 24 hours to help me order this goddamned $35 screen and that I found it ridiculous in the year 2013 that I was unable to order it on line.

Had I stopped there - I would have been fine.

But no.

I had to go to Dick Level 4.

I apparently also felt it was my solemn duty - working for a Fortune 5 company, as I informed them - to educate them on the importance of  negative client experiences on their brand AND the added collateral damage of having such an obvious division exist publicly between their parent company and this division.  This is my job, people!!

It's a slippery slope on the Dick scale.

Once committed, I easily slipped into Dick Level 5.

I finally informed them that if I did NOT hear from a representative within the allotted time period, I would rip the door out with my bare hands, replace it with a competitor's product, photograph it -  and blog, tweet and Facebook until my brains exploded out of my ears - all over their lack of reasonable and competent customer service.


I felt okay and a little proud of myself about it until about 2:15 this afternoon when the phone rang, registering a Caller ID for an Unavailable number I didn't recognize.   Curious, I phoned back and found myself connected to a storm door company.

The highly courteous lady answering the telephone listened to my story and immediately connected me with yet another very nice and helpful sounding customer service lady.

I expressed my wish to order a screen replacement, gave her the product number and my contact information and credit card information.  She thanked me for my order and informed me that the product should arrive within the week.


I hung up.  Mortified.  These women that I don't know might only ever have one  impression of me - no matter how polite and grateful I sounded on the phone.

He's a total dick.

And they'd be right.



truthspew said...

I may come off as a dick sometimes too. Last episode was when I ordered my EZ-Pass from the RI Bridge and Toll Authority. I order the device, load it with funds and weeks go by and no device.

I call them - get the brush off. So being the enterprising person I am and knowing how email addresses are formatted, I looked up their Executive Director.

Dashed off an email stating what had happened, that the option of me driving down to Middletown was NOT happening. And that I'd paid for the transponder but had none such in my hands after months at this point. Yeah, I've got a high tolerance.

Next day I got phone calls from the Director, and his assistant. I had the transponder in my hands the next day, they actually hand delivered it to the house.

So sometimes you have to light a fire under their ass. Kind of like with MetroPCS recently. Let them update the firmware on my phone only to lose all voice and net services.

If you visit my blog you can read the saga.

Finally got them to swap out the phone when I filed a complaint with the FCC.

It sort of astounds me that a corporation, whose motive is obviously profit, would make it so difficult to order a replacement screen.

But then corporate America has become a group of clueless clods lately.

Chante said...

This is fantastic!